The Campfire Gang Book #2: Battles Fought, Lessons Learned

The Campfire Gang Book #2: Battles Fought, Lessons Learned


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Book #2 in a series about adventure, God’s plan and important life lessons.
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An adventure-packed, character-building book created for kids of any age!

From battling the evil Strikers to discovering new friendships, the campfire gang won’t give up on their quest to find their way home. Together they journey onward, make tough decisions and even save a world full of creatures.

Through it all, the boys learn lessons about life and about God. They never stop fighting for each other—and sometimes for their own lives!

This is the second book in a series that shows kids how to deal with:

  • emotions
  • challenges
  • leadership issues
  • teamwork
  • relationships
  • and more!

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5-13 years


Roy A. Smith

2 reviews for The Campfire Gang Book #2: Battles Fought, Lessons Learned

  1. Trish Y.

    We love this series!!!! What an incredible way to share the concept of having a personal relationship with God and in an engaging and entertaining manner. My son and I look forward to reading them together at night, and even though he is only 7 years old, we have had some meaningful conversations about God and living with integrity and character.

  2. John C.

    I’m so excited about how God has been moving through The Campfire Gang series. I’ve been reading it to my third-grade class almost daily, and I’ve been so blessed by the times we’ve been sharing. The students love it, they’ve received it wholeheartedly. They love illustrating each chapter, and we’re having great discussions regarding the life lessons that they’re learning.

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