Identity stream online Bible-based video series for men

In today’s modern culture too many men are lost. They feel worthless, inadequate, and unwanted. And too often they try to find out who they really are through fruitless pursuits—sex, work, money, you name it.

Identity, our latest men’s video study, addresses this all too common issue head on, directing men away from the lies, confusion, and disillusions of life and pointing them toward the truth that our identities are already fully formed in God. To find yourself, all you have to do is find Him.


Our newest book, Inside Fatherhood, takes you into the process of fathering on a spiritual, personal, and practical level. Whether you’re a biological father, a stepfather, a grandfather, or a nonbiological guardian, God put you in your child’s life for a reason. Become the father they need, and help them grow into all God created them to be.


Lucifer is determined to ruin the Gorillas’ celebration. And he’s picked the perfect disguise to do it. It’s a race against time for the gang to stop him and save the jungle. But this time, it’s going to take more than just a little hard work!

With a little help, the gang figures out it’s time to ask Pops for help. But will it be too late to stop Lucifer and his evil plans? Find out in the latest book in this adventure series for kids!


We’re excited to release our newest book series for girls, the Jillian Dangerous series. This extraordinary adventure centers around Jillian Cassidy, a lovable, adventurous preteen who just wants an exciting life. After convincing her parents to let her go to a boarding school across the world, she finds friendship and excitement she never could’ve dreamed of.


Pass It On is written to guide men and women in coaching, mentoring, counseling, discipleship, and other relationships that make a difference. Develop yourself as a mentor. Build trusting relationships. Empower future generations. Pass it on.


Being God’s Man has been a staple of our men’s resources for years, which is why we’ve decided to expand, update, and improve its content. Its now more direct than ever, making it easy for young and old alike to understand how desperately our world needs males to step up and be intentional about becoming Godly leaders.