The Campfire Gang Book #9: Strength for the Battle

The Campfire Gang Book #9: Strength for the Battle


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Book #9 in a series about adventure, God’s plan and important life lessons.
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An adventure-packed, character-building book created for kids of any age!

Deep in the jungle, the gang finds themselves in the midst of a deadly battle. But they soon realize sharp claws and gnashing fangs are the least of their worries. They need courage and wisdom now… and their new friends may know just where to find it!

As they gang gets to know their new Gorilla friends, they get to know a bit more about the jungle too. While some of it is fun and interesting, there are some parts they’d rather not have to face. But to the gang, new challenges also means new lessons to learn!

This is the ninth book in a series that shows kids how to deal with:

  • emotions
  • challenges
  • leadership issues
  • teamwork
  • relationships
  • and more!

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5-13 years


Roy A. Smith


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