Jillian Dangerous Book Series

Jillian Dangerous Book Series


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A two-book series for girls about adventure, friendship, and God’s Word.
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All Jillian Cassidy ever wanted was an exciting adventure. But she never expected one quite like this.

After months of being bullied, Jillian has had enough. Determined to get away from her gloomy, friendless life, she convinces her parents to let her go to a boarding school across the world. She can’t wait for the amazing adventures she hopes to have there.

But before she can, she and her three roommates are thrown back in time to 1965 Vietnam. Trapped more than fifty years in the past, Jillian, Sam, Meg, and Sadie must figure out how to return home—before they get stuck for good.

In this gripping two-book series, Jillian discovers true friendship, tackles her challenges, and harnesses the Bible’s power to provide solutions and courage for even greater adventures to come. This series shows girls how to deal with:

  • bullying
  • friendship
  • strength
  • faith
  • and more!

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Ruthie Davis

3 reviews for Jillian Dangerous Book Series

  1. Keith Magalski (verified owner)

    My 13 daughter said:

    HELLO! I really enjoyed reading these books! I like how Jillian’s (main character) life was tied in with her relationship with God. It worked very nicely. As a young believer myself it helped me understand God better. I could not put the book(s) down and I wanted to keep reading. These books made me feel closer to God as well as have a better relationship with him. I also liked the time travel and mystery elements. These books also have really cool covers. Overall I totally recommend these books! They’re SOOO AMAZING!!

  2. Alina

    This is Alina and I am 8 years old and in third grade.So I just finished this book. And I like it mostly because it is a mix of so many different things: fantasy, history, time travel, adventures! Even a spooky, off-limits mansion! And a very brave girl: Jillian Noel Cassidy. I really enjoyed reading it and I spent hours a day reading it! I definitely give it a five star review!

  3. Lois B.

    The book is well written and full of adventure and suspense. Adolescents and teens would find it quite readable and relevant to the challenges and emotions they face. The element of time travel adds an interesting appeal to the imagination.

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