Becoming One Volume 1: Individual Growth

Becoming One Volume 1: Individual Growth


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Strengthen Your Marriage with Honest Reflection and Open Communication.

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Are you considering marriage, or are you already on the journey with your spouse? Whether you’re just starting or have faced the challenges and growth of this intimate relationship, Becoming One is your guide to taking control of your marital future.

In this profound book, Dr. Roy Smith moves beyond typical self-help advice and conflict-avoidance tips. He delves into the root causes of marital strife, promoting honest reflection, open communication, and fearless vulnerability. This approach helps you grow both as an individual and as a couple.

Featuring insightful discussion questions and practical relational keys, Becoming One is perfect for anyone seeking guidance, struggling in their relationship, or simply wanting to strengthen their bond. With God’s help, you can face the trials of marriage and emerge refined and reinforced. Through His grace, the two of you can truly become one.

Order today and start your journey towards a deeper, more fulfilling marriage.

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