Spiritual Living : Walking With Him

Spiritual Living : Walking With Him


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A book that challenges each of us to invite God to develop us further

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The first book of the series, Spiritual Living: Walking With Him, is a reflection on the hardships, personal failures, and spiritual lessons Dr. Roy Smith has encountered in his own life. Drawing from his own experience as a husband, father, and grandfather, Dr. Smith shares a genuine, in-depth perspective on how to face life’s challenges with honesty, humility, and courage.

No one is perfect. We’ve heard this simple truth so often in life. And yet, by our actions, we try to appear like we are. We constantly rely on our own strength and develop numerous coping mechanisms that help us coast through the day to day. Instead of helping us, this approach only limits us from developing our potential, crushes us with life’s challenges, and keeps us stagnant and discontent. But God is a patient personal development coach who never abandons us. It’s in our pain and weakness that He creates opportunities for intimacy, and joy, and above all, spiritual growth.

Join him on a journey of personal and spiritual growth so that, when faced with your pain and Christ’s offer of complete healing, you can confidently answer “Yes!”

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