The Campfire Gang Book #5: Picking Up the Pieces

The Campfire Gang Book #5: Picking Up the Pieces


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Book #5 in a series about adventure, God’s plan and important life lessons.
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An adventure-packed, character-building book created for kids of any age!

While BB tries to figure out a way across the river, the rest of the gang struggles to help their friend and to stay together. Between Bat Bird attacks and mysterious disappearances, they do their best to stick by each other. But will that be enough?

Through it all, the boys learn lessons about life and about God. They never stop fighting for each other—and sometimes for their own lives!

This is the fifth book in a series that shows kids how to deal with:

  • emotions
  • challenges
  • leadership issues
  • teamwork
  • relationships
  • and more!

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5-13 years


Roy A. Smith

1 review for The Campfire Gang Book #5: Picking Up the Pieces

  1. Ruthie D.

    The 5 books I’ve read so far remind me a little of the Narnia series, which I read as a kid. That series AND this one are interesting and beneficial from a values perspective, no matter what age you are.

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