Real Men: Volume 2 (Stream Online)

Real Men: Volume 2 (Stream Online)


Join our team of dynamic speakers to discover and fulfill God’s purpose for your life (16 lessons).
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Real Men: Volume 2 brings together a group of dynamic speakers, including Ray McElroy, Jeff Kemp, T.C. Stallings, Gene Getz, and more, who share their knowledge, gifts, and experiences in an effort to lead males toward becoming real men of God.

Invite a group of men to pursue manhood together. Join our team to discover and fulfill God’s purpose for your life.

Each Real Men lesson is approximately 35-40 minutes long, followed by a 10- to 15-minute interview with the presenter for viewers who are interested. These interviews allow the viewer to learn more about the presenter and his ministry, books, website, or contact information.

*Each Real Men lesson can be completed individually or used as a complete 15-week study series. They can build on each other but don’t necessarily have to.

The second volume of the Real Men package includes:*

  • 16 lessons
  • personal coaching and support

*Workbooks sold separately.



  1. Playing to Win – Ray McElroy
  2. The Handoff – Jeff Kemp
  3. From Bondage to Blessing – Rod Handley
  4. Priesthood – Larry Jackson
  5. Building Up One Another – Getz
  6. Turn the Page (Part 2) – Johnny Parker
  7. The Unwavering Confidence of a Knight – Chad Stecker
  8. What Would Jesus Do? – T.C. Stallings
  9. What Type Are You? – Roy Smith
  10. Managing the Dark Side of Me – Michael Ross
  11. When Good Men Get Angry – Bill Perkins
  12. One More Lap – Chuck Stecker
  13. 7 Keys to an Amazing Marriage – Clair Hoover
  14. Less Faith, More Faithfulness (Bonus 1) Matt Parks
  15. Understanding Our Motives (Bonus 2) Joel Thomas
  16. Loving God (Bonus 3) Steve Demme

Additional information


16 lessons

Average Lesson Length

38 minutes


Ray McElroy, Jeff Kemp, Rod Handley, Larry Jackson, Gene Getz, PhD, Johnny Parker, PhD, Chad Stecker, T.C. Stallings, Roy Smith, PhD, Michael Ross, Bill Perkins, Chuck Stecker PhD, Clair Hoover, Matt Parks, Joel Thomas, Steve Demme


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