Virtual Group: The Genesis of Manhood

Virtual Group: The Genesis of Manhood

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Join up with a group of men virtually as you journey through this 6-lesson series. Purchase includes:

  • Access to our private group page, including lesson videos and meeting link
  • One participant’s workbook
  • Free coaching and support
Start Date: March 2, 2021
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God designed us to communicate and establish a relationship with Him and others. Unfortunately, when sin entered the world, the ideal environment that God created quickly crumbled. Lies became prevalent, and God’s truth and standards were exchanged for male ease and compromise.

As a result, life seems harsh. A relationship with God feels unattainable. Building reliable relationships feels challenging. But God has not given up on us. He wants to restore each of us to reflect His miraculous design.

Through an in-depth look at Genesis 2 and 3, this series explores the attributes of man before and after the fall. Each man can learn that despite the ugly consequences of sin, he can be restored and fulfill God’s original purpose for his life through his relationship with the Ultimate Man—Jesus Christ.

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